Back to Routine

We’ve been vacationing since last Saturday. Today is our first day back to normal and while I’m slightly glad to be back to routine, oh how I miss my husband. It was so nice having him home for a whole week! We did a lot of boating on one of our local lakes and had a BLAST!

I did some experimenting with the pockets I mentioned in a previous post and had mixed success. My peanut butter and jelly pockets never made it to the oven, as my pan flipped over onto the floor while loaded full of my lovely, beautiful, pockets. Ah well, I’ll try again and be more careful with the pan next time, hah. I tried a mushroom, onion, garlic, and red pepper, as well as a mixed sauteed veggie and ground beef filling. The filling looked and tasted good to me, but the dough wasn’t really what I wanted. Maybe a pastry dough could be interesting.

Still working out the no spice or processed food conundrum with a slim budget, so there are lots of ideas floating around. As I figure out more recipes that are yummy I’ll be sure to post them!


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