October Happenings

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Sweet Pea, my 5 year old daughter, has quite a bit up for the month of October this year. We are beginning a potential EE diagnosis this Wednesday. The appointment with the pediatric GE department is a couple of hours away from us, and is only the beginning. We’ll have to go back for an upper endoscopy most likely, (allergist wants it done) and then there’s the follow up appointment. She shows all the pediatric symptoms and it seems the most likely diagnosis. If she actually has this disease it could possibly change and/or further restrict her diet. Every time I think about this I can’t help feeling dread.

Next Wednesday she has a skin test scheduled with our Allergist. We’ll retest the dairy, pea, chicken and egg to see if she’s outgrown any of those. I pray she has. We’ll also be testing for the culprit of our random hive outbreaks. This again can further restrict her diet. Right now she’s off of all processed foods and spices aside from salt and pepper which has proven quite a challenge. I’m hoping next Wednesday will shed some light on our situation and allow spices back into the equation.

As you can see there’s a lot of food stress in our household at the moment. I’d appreciate prayer for my daughter and for us in this journey if you feel so inclined šŸ™‚ I pray for grace, understanding, and peace as we head into a whole new leg of our food allergy journey.


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