What to Eat?

So many times when people find out my daughter has multiple food allergies they respond with “What on earth can she eat?”. I find that question to be a little frustrating simply because we’ve dealt with higher restrictions than we are facing at this moment in time. But I can see where they are coming from.

I remember that heart breaking day when I was told my child could essentially eat nothing that was in a normal toddlers diet. After years of research I have found a lot of great information and feel that my kiddos eat very well. Sometimes I feel that the diagnosis was actually beneficial in some way simply because I wasn’t allowed to give my kids junk. I learned how to cook most everything from scratch. They eat tons of fruit and veggies and lots of good lean protein.

Dairy is one of our current allergens and I’ve found that eliminating it from our diets has proved wonderful. Challenging, yes, but I never have to worry about removing it when my kiddos are snuffly or anything like that 🙂

Chances are, when facing a life changing diagnosis of food allergies, especially multiple food allergies, there are actually lots of options out there for you, it just takes a little leg work to find it.

Ah, quick side note, when we got our first diagnosis, we were sent to a dietitian. Even the dietitian was stumped.

If you want to talk to somebody that’s been there, contact me! Or you could leave a comment with your questions and I’ll get in touch with you 🙂


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