Still No Answers

We went Sweet Pea’s GI doctor appointment yesterday. I wish I could say the heavens opened and now everything makes sense, but no, instead I left with more questions.

I was given some interesting and helpful information and Sweet Pea needs to take yet another med. I should be getting a call soon to schedule her upper endoscopy to check and see if we have any eosoniphil growth. We were told to feed her 5 small meals a day and that she doesn’t have to wait an hour after taking Nexium to eat. That was huge! Not an hour? That makes a massive difference in our day. Twenty to thirty minutes rather than an hour, woohoo!

We need to reduce the amount of acidic food in her diet. Which with no spice is actually pretty easy. So for now, I’m biding my time until next Wednesday so that maybe we can get some answers about food.

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