Whirlwind November

Well, lots to talk about today! In Sweet Pea news, she definitely has eosoniphilic esophagitus. She is on medication for it, finally, YAY! We are to eliminate all food allergens from her diet, which is tough. We have to figure out exactly what they are. I think grain is a trigger for her, so I tried a buckwheat pancake recipe. It was a worse trigger than wheat. I’m hoping to speak with her allergist soon so we can figure out what all is going on with her little body. Good news: as of now, she can still chew her food! Yay! I was so worried we’d have to go elemental. Right now she’s good though. We have a follow up on the 8th of December to discuss everything.

Moving on, Thanksgiving. Oh dear. Our concept was a great one, but the prep and planning was not so hot. I didn’t plan this year, as I was completely consumed with Sweet Pea’s stuff. We had 19 people come to our house to eat a Thanksgiving dinner. Wow right? We decided on burgers for Thanksgiving as that’s the easiest way to feed everybody without much modification. Let’s just say that I took scrupulous notes and learned a ton.

This month has just blown by with all of our medical stuff and Thanksgiving! Sunday we’re having a family birthday party for Sweet Pea and Tuesday is the real thing. She’ll be six years old! She has requested brownies and gingerbread cookies for her bakes goodies 🙂 I love that!

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your holiday weekend!



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