Our Story

When you’re hit with a diagnosis of food allergies, life as you know it takes a complete 360 degree turn. It’s emotional, and lonely, and scary. The pressure is intense and sometimes overwhelming. I remember it well. I’d like to share our story with you so you can see that you aren’t alone.

Our story begins with the birth of our first born, Sweet Pea. Keep in mind I knew absolutely nothing about food allergies or asthma at the time. We’ll start with the reflux. She had terrible reflux. Projectile reflux. I had to travel with a few outfits for her and at least one or two changes of clothing for me. I nursed her until she was six months old, then weaned her to formula and the reflux continued. We tried the kind that was made for lactose intolerant kiddos, but even that didn’t help much. She was on GERD medication, with no relief.

Her skin was absolutely miserable as well.  She would randomly break out in head to toe hives. Her pediatrician’s office knew me by voice.  Our pediatrician told us that sometimes kids just do that, and to give her a warm bath with baby oil in it to help with the hives. She had awful eczema behind her knees, in the bend of her arms, and on her tummy.  She was prescribed a hydrocortizone cream that actually bleached the areas where it was applied.  She was on several different medications, none of them helping whatsoever.

Before her first birthday, in October of 2005, she was hospitalized twice with terrible breathing trouble, a blue tint around her mouth, lots of coughing and lethargy. Scary stuff. She was put on asthma medication with a nebulizer though we didn’t have an official diagnosis at that time. I didn’t have a clue what was wrong with my precious daughter.

To be continued…


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