EE Update

We had our first GI follow up after the EE diagnosis yesterday. We are going to scope Sweet Pea again in February to see if the crazy medication concoction is working. If it isn’t, we’ll have to take a more intensive route to heal her esophagus. I just spoke with her allergist this morning, and we’re going to do a pretty extensive skin test on December 22 to see exactly what comes up positive. Right before the holidays…again. It really bites, but, we need to get her in the best shape to be healthy and not have to go elemental. Until then, I am to avoid wheat and buckwheat. (Both cause unbelievable reflux symptoms)

We’re moving forward to help Sweet Pea and that’s a good thing, but I have to say this is crushing as well. Some days the load is heavier than others, and I’m having a lot of heavy days lately. Our meeting with the Food Allergy Dietitian yesterday was not as helpful as I’d so desperately hoped it would be. She did say though that soy oil and soy lecithin actually contain no soy protein. That is interesting, but I want to talk to our allergist first before I change anything.

Things are changing very rapidly, and I’m glad we’ve got the ball rolling. I’m praying for grace, serenity, patience, and endurance through this season. I wish the same for you as well šŸ™‚



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