Green Cookies?

EE Update

Well, it would seem that food in general is what is making Maya’s EE flare up. Oh joy, right? I’ve been documenting the time she eats, she puts in her mouth followed by the time the reflux starts and how many refluxes she has.

Yesterday we hit 67 after a supposedly safe food. 67! In under an hour! She also hit 32, and 47. I have to say that this is rather aggravating. I mean, what on earth am I supposed to feed my child? We go back to see GI next month, February 15th actually, and we’ll schedule a rescope then.

In other news

I made an experimental cookie. They turned out tasty, but the cookies are distinctly green. Green!!!! I was a little taken aback but the kiddos wolfed them down and enjoyed them. I refrained from taking pictures as they were quite um, unattractive, and I didn’t want to share. You’re welcome 🙂

I used brown rice flour. Does anyone know why it turned green in baking? My all-buckwheat pancakes turned a funky color as well. That’s a really strange question, but I really want to know. I tried to google it, but it just turned up shroom growing advice and other random information. Totally not what I was looking for…. It seems to be an oxidation issue simply because the bottom of the cookie turned beautifully brown and the rest of the cookie that was exposed to air turned colors.

{photo credit}


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