Our Story, Part Three

If you missed it, part one is here , and part two here.


Our switch to the new pediatrician opened my eyes to a whole new kind of care.

The first time she saw Maya we went through her medical history. As we were going through her food allergy list, the Doctor asked me what happened when she ate each of the foods she had been deemed allergic to.

NOBODY had EVER asked me that question!

Not one single person until that Doctor.  We talked about it and she suggested I start trailing foods slowly to see exactly what we were actually dealing with.

I started with Chicken.

Maya was able to eat it for about a week or two, but she soon developed that nasty red rash around her mouth after eating a small serving. I spoke with our pediatrician again, and she referred us to one of the best allergists in our area. I’d heard lots of great things about him and was excited to have Maya evaluated by one of the best.

He went through Maya’s allergen list with me as well, and we discussed in depth what her symptoms were. In that one sitting he gave me back pork! I must say, the look on her face after enjoying her first piece of bacon in years was priceless. I will never forget it.

Maya had her third skin test to date at his office and our new set was amazing. We only had to avoid dairy, egg, chicken, and peas. That was an ecstatic day for me! Tons of options opened up and we were over the moon excited. We got Peanut Butter back! Peanut Butter!!!!!

Now, through all of this Maya’s reflux was still going on, but it was simply a part of life. Medication hadn’t alleviated symptoms at all and I seriously questioned the point of giving it to her.


With our new rather short list of foods to avoid, life got much easier and much less stressful.  It was still somewhat complicated, but we managed just fine. With less stress I was able to focus on more than food and started noticing Maya’s insane reflux again. I mentioned it to our Allergist and he put Maya on Zantac. We tried that for a month or so with no relief so he switched her to Nexium. After another month or so there was still no improvement, so he doubled the dose. There was still no relief…

To be continued… 🙂


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