Time For Birthday Plans!

Clipart picture of a yellow birthday cake with eight purple candles on top with a pretty red and green decoration on the frosting, Click here to get more Free Clipart at ClipartPal.com

How do you celebrate the birthday of a completely non allergic sibling of your very allergic kiddos? Well, it can be as complicated or as easy as you make it. Over the years I’ve learned how to make it enjoyable, non stressful and safe. Here is what we do!

I ask the kiddos what they want to eat on their birthday and let them choose the baked good and the dinner.  Jesse was very sweet about what he chose. He requested something for dinner that everybody could have, even Maya. Unfortunately we can’t really do that completely, but this is what we can do.

Jesse’s Choices

  • Chocolate cupcakes with cherries
  • Grilled Burgers (Daddy makes the best burgers, truly, they are amazing)
  • Fries

My Plan

  • Divvies Famous Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Icing and a cherry on top with sprinkles. (Butter will be Earth’s Balance buttery spread, it’s amazing)
  • Burgers for us and Maya will have a grilled portobello mushroom rather than a beef patty.
  • Fries are easy since potatoes and oil are on the safe list again 🙂

Last year Daddy took him out to IHOP for breakfast. That breakfast was talked about for months! We discussed maybe repeating the performance this year with some alteration.  We might take him out for lunch to get some pizza or similarly cheesy food.  (We being a relative term) He kind of gets the short end of the stick being right in the middle of two very dairy allergic kiddos, so we like to treat him when we can.

This is what works for us as far as Jesse birthday food goes; simple, sweet, and totally yummy!

What do you do to celebrate birthdays around food allergies in your home?


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