The Popcorn Conundrum

My husband and I got the rare treat to go on a date here recently. After much discussion, we decided to go see a movie. I think the last time we saw a movie in a theatre was at least four or five years ago. I was so excited to go out with my husband! I knew that the movie theatre would be full of popcorn, but living in a relatively dairy free bubble made me forget exactly what was on the popcorn as well as the quantity.  Before we left we discussed treating ourselves to a small bag of the previously mentioned, fairly toxic substance.

The sight I was greeted by at the concession counter literally made my blood run cold. There was buttered popcorn EVERYWHERE! I kid you not. It covered the floor, it covered flat surfaces, EVERYTHING!!!!! I imagined every butter covered hand that touched every single thing in that theatre. *Shudder* Then our cashier set our bag down in the popcorn maker to put our popcorn in it.

I don’t know about you, but I try very hard to avoid touching the thing that can cause two of my beloved children to go into anaphylactic shock. Even though my kids weren’t there I was thinking about my purse, my jacket, my pants, anything that would potentially come into contact with any form of dairy that I would take into my house upon our arrival home. I seriously have a phobia about touching this stuff. “This stuff” being dairy, remember?

Moving on, it took me a long time to relax a little bit and simply enjoy the movie. We saw the latest Harry Potter which is fabulous by the way!!! After the movie we washed up and made a point to touch nothing with our bare skin on our way out the door. I literally had my hands up like a surgeon after sanitizing their hands to ensure I touched nothing, haha.

So, with movie theater, (and microwave for that matter), popcorn out of the question, how can you enjoy popcorn?  Make your own on the stovetop at home, pop in a movie, and pile on the couch together! It’s SO easy, and really tasty! I usually use the recipe on our popcorn….canister?….to make our basic popcorn.

The recipe is quite simple really,

3 Tablespoons Oil

½ Cup popcorn kernels

Combine oil and kernels in a large, heavy bottomed pot, and place the lid slightly cracked to allow steam to escape. Cook on medium heat until popping slows, remove from heat and dump into large bowl. Salt to taste and enjoy!

See, super easy right?

I usually sprinkle the popcorn with nutritional yeast and salt for snacking. Joy the Baker has a fantastic kettle corn recipe that we ate vats of during the summer of 2009. You could also sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar, chili powder and salt, or, I’ve got to tell you this one. My husband thinks it’s really weird, but one of my favorite ways to eat popcorn is to spray vinegar on it. Yup, vinegar. I don’t know why, but it’s incredibly delicious. Mmm, now I want some.

So go ahead! The world is your oyster! Make some delicious popcorn and then let us know how it goes! I’d love to hear your recipes or tips!

How do you prepare popcorn at home?

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