Weekend Baking

I have the oven going today in preparation for the coming week. There’s a bulk batch of granola in the oven right now and a bulk bread recipe is on it’s first rise. It feels good and wonderfully domestic to be getting a little ahead in our baking 🙂 It also smells heavenly in here. We have several unknowns and a busy week coming up, so I wanted to get some things done today. We also have company coming over later today, and the house smelling yummy is always a good thing!

I had a lovely helper in the kitchen this morning. He loves to help me in the kitchen. I try to let him help as much as I can so he’ll know how to handle himself in the kitchen with his dairy allergy. Granted, the time in the kitchen magically extends when I have little helpers, but I know that allowing them to help will equip them with much needed skills later on.   (This is his ‘helper’ face I suppose, lol, very serious, and by the way, that’s my youngest, Joshua!)

Speaking of helpers in the kitchen, we’ll talk some more about bringing your kiddos in with you and keeping things safe for them so they can help with wild abandon and you won’t be stressed in the least!!! Doesn’t that sound magical? 🙂

Happy weekending!

Oh! Before I forget, the potato soup recipe is in the works, just have to finish formatting it! 🙂 It’ll be posted later today.


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