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Menu Plan Monday!

It’s time again for Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie!

Here’s what I have planned through Wednesday. Wednesday we meet with an allergist at the leading children’s hospital in our region and Maya’s diet will likely change significantly. Again. Thursday is also my regular grocery shopping day, so that works out nicely 🙂



  • Leftovers
  • Beans and Quinoa


  • Chili con Carne
  • Something creative and yummy with boneless skinless chicken breasts….with potatoes and some other sort of side….
  • Breakfast for Dinner

Maya Suppers

  • Beans, lots of beans, as it’s her only great source of protein right now
  • “Egg” Drop Soup from VegWeb
  • She’ll have plenty of leftovers.

Maya Update:

I’m trying to feed her very mild, non acidic foods right now as her reflux has worsened considerably. After speaking with the allergy dietitian I was told to take Maya to the allergist they have on site so all the doctors needed for her care could be on the same page and have easy access to each other so we can get some help in feeding/treating Maya. Right now her food is severely limited and I’m very worried about protein, B vitamins, iron, and calcium deficiencies. Just about anything substantial and filling gives her projectile reflux, thus the very mild menu this week. Your prayers would be much appreciated as we meet with yet another set of doctors to try and help Maya.

Happy planning and be sure to check out Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas!


Time For Birthday Plans!

Clipart picture of a yellow birthday cake with eight purple candles on top with a pretty red and green decoration on the frosting, Click here to get more Free Clipart at

How do you celebrate the birthday of a completely non allergic sibling of your very allergic kiddos? Well, it can be as complicated or as easy as you make it. Over the years I’ve learned how to make it enjoyable, non stressful and safe. Here is what we do!

I ask the kiddos what they want to eat on their birthday and let them choose the baked good and the dinner.  Jesse was very sweet about what he chose. He requested something for dinner that everybody could have, even Maya. Unfortunately we can’t really do that completely, but this is what we can do.

Jesse’s Choices

  • Chocolate cupcakes with cherries
  • Grilled Burgers (Daddy makes the best burgers, truly, they are amazing)
  • Fries

My Plan

  • Divvies Famous Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Icing and a cherry on top with sprinkles. (Butter will be Earth’s Balance buttery spread, it’s amazing)
  • Burgers for us and Maya will have a grilled portobello mushroom rather than a beef patty.
  • Fries are easy since potatoes and oil are on the safe list again 🙂

Last year Daddy took him out to IHOP for breakfast. That breakfast was talked about for months! We discussed maybe repeating the performance this year with some alteration.  We might take him out for lunch to get some pizza or similarly cheesy food.  (We being a relative term) He kind of gets the short end of the stick being right in the middle of two very dairy allergic kiddos, so we like to treat him when we can.

This is what works for us as far as Jesse birthday food goes; simple, sweet, and totally yummy!

What do you do to celebrate birthdays around food allergies in your home?

Menu Plan Monday

This is a rather short menu simply because this is the tail end of my two week menu planning stretch and because I usually plan Thursday-Wednesday. Everything on this menu is dairy free as well.


1. Chicken Tortilla Soup from the Pioneer Woman without cheese

2. Meat Loaf, rolls, corn

3. Roasted Garlic Chicken Thighs potatoes, green beans

(I’ll add more meals once my ads come in on Tuesday and I plan the rest of the week :-))

Maya’s Meals

1. Potato Soup

2. Lentil Stew

3. Bean Burrito


Soy yogurt with granola

Baked Oatmeal



Leftovers (I’ve been making plenty of dinner to spill over into the next day. LOVE that!)

Happy planning! For more menu ideas, be sure to visit Organizing Junkie

Menu Plan Monday!

*SP=Sweet Pea’s Special Meal*


  • Smoothies
  • Oatmeal with various mix-ins
  • Soy yogurt with homemade granola
  • Granola


  • Leftovers
  • Apple Sauce
  • Veggies with dip
  • Falafel (Vegan)


  • Smoothies
  • Popcorn with Nutritional Yeast
  • Fresh Fruits and Veggies


  • (SP) Spicy Rainbow and Bean Salad (really excited about this one, new recipe that looks amazing)
  • (SP) Egg white and potato frittata
  • (SP) Venison Tostadas
  • (SP) Beans and Rice
  • (SP) Veggie Patty on Potato Pancakes
  • Bar-B-Q pork loin chops with roll and veggies
  • Spaghetti
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup
  • Cajun Seasoned Pork Loin Chops with mashed potatoes and green beans
  • Sausage Beans and Rice
  • Tostadas

You can find lots more menu ideas here

Menu Plan 10/25 – 10/27


My weeks go from Thursday to Wednesday in grocery shopping days.  At the moment with our new food allergy list I have been planning for a few days at a time to keep things from being overwhelming and stressful. I’ll post recipes as I make them. For much of my cooking I prepare a safe meal and a normal meal unless an original recipe is safe for all of us.


Monday: Shepherds’s Pie

Tuesday: Chili (I’ll use roasted red peppers instead of tomatoes and no onion for Sweet Pea, she’ll have her own special dish)

Wednesday: Stew from Family Feasts for $75 a Week, with a smaller modified version for Sweet Pea.


Oatmeal with various mix-ins.

Midday Meals

Today I served baked sweet potato fries. Yum! If I can get it together early enough to start some bread tomorrow, we’ll most likely be having sandwiches for Tuesday and Wednesday. I also have apples to serve sliced with peanut butter and I roasted a butternut squash today to try and turn into soup. We’ll see how it goes, hehe.

*Side note: With our 5 small meals a day I call our meals breakfast lunch and dinner with a couple of snacks, but they’re all about the same size in actuality.

For more menu planning ideas visit I’m An Organizing Junkie

Necesstiy is the Mother of Invention

Menu planning when faced with so many restrictions is tough. Even when you’re used to it, some sessions are just draining. Even when you love to cook and experiment, planning meals with enough variety and nutrition can be a huge undertaking. The past couple of days have been like that for me. As you know, with no spices, cooking is a little tough and inspiration hard to come by.

Well, I like to talk my problems through and my mom is usually my sounding board. She gave me an awesome idea. Pizza dough! Thanks Mom 🙂

Most pizza dough recipes are vegan, and you can stuff them and create little pockets full of all sorts of things!!! I am going to be experimenting and making scores of them with fillings like ground beef and beans, caramelized onions, bacon, and tomato, sauteed veggies, and maybe some pb&j and honey. I’m also going to try some vegan egg roll wrappers and see what I can do with them. As soon as I get a batch made and sampled I’ll show you and share the recipe 🙂