About Me


I’m Lindsey. I’m a mom of three kiddos, two of which have severe food allergies. My oldest, Maya, is 6; middle kiddo, Jesse, is 5; and my youngest, Joshua, is 3. Jesse has no known allergies, Joshua is severely allergic to dairy, and Maya has Eosonophilic Esophagitus (EE). At this point her skin tests say she is allergic to pretty much everything, so right now she’s on a mostly vegan(she can have egg white), gluten free diet. Maya was diagnosed with many severe food allergies in 2006 and our journey has just continued from there.  You can read more about our story here.

I had a massive crash course in food allergies at a pretty young age with not a lot of money and very little resources. It was tough, and I learned a ton very quickly. The learning curve was, and still is, pretty steep in the food allergy world. I’d like to share what I’ve learned along the way here with you 🙂  This is a place for beginners and veterans alike to share information and learn from each other.

If you have any questions for me you are more than welcome to email me at FoodAllergiesOnaBudget@gmail.com

You can subscribe via RSS or Email to follow along with our journey and get encouragement, recipes, tips, and more! (My subscription buttons are in the right side of my blog) right over there ~> in fact 🙂


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